Chosen to Choose You

Called to a life of purity,

Made in His Image- to be holy.

I can’t do this alone,

Lord, be with me.

Create in me a pure heart,

Not one of adultery.

Bride of the King

That’s makes me a queen-

Purified by Christ’s Blood.

Chosen; as Royalty.

Alpha and Omega, Author and Finisher of my Faith!

Give me strength and endurance, the finish the race.

Holy Spirit, I need You, to dwell inside-

Anointed to bring Light to every shadow and lie,

Lord, I pray you you cover and saturate where you draw me nigh.

Every life I cross, touched by Truth.

Every step I take, closer to You.

And, Lord I pray You set every captive free.

Overcome by Your Blood, and the words of our testimony.

Set us free, Lord, even if the captive is me.

I only want to be held captive, in Your Holy captivity.

That only in You, I’ll hunger and thirst-

Be my center, Jesus.. I put You first.

~AngeleaKae (August 2013)


About angeleakae

I love Jesus, my children, and the life He has given to me. I've been blessed with a diverse family, and quirky, passionate friends. I love without restriction, and cherish every breath I'm given. Jesus is the air I breathe, and there is nothing sweeter than His Love.
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3 Responses to Chosen to Choose You

  1. I do believe my sister in Christ you have written a new Psalm! Shall we go ask that old King David what he Thinks of it? Peace and Blessings be with you, Amen! 🙂

    • angeleakae says:

      I humbly thank you for such a compliment, brother. I actually have had to allow that to sink in for a couple days. We are often most critical of ourselves. In the tags to this post, I mentioned the Psalms that I referenced after writing it.. the Lord’s confirmation on what I had written. Thank you very much for reading, and being so encouraging. May the Lord Bless you, and keep you 🙂 Amen.

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