Falling Short

Working on something here… I don’t know what; so, we’ll see how it goes.

There are people so acutely aware of their surroundings, that they will catch someone who falls before they even realize they’ve lost ground, without losing their own balance.

There are also those, whom will run to catch someone. They typically lose a bit of footing in the process.

Then, there are those who watch a person fall and say to another person, “Did you SEE THAT?!” They may even run to the persons aid, asking what happened before asking if they are okay.

Enter the person who runs toward someone who has fallen, kneels down, speaks gently, and helps them up. There is much encouragement and reassurance involved.

The person who sets their stance, and offers the fallen person a hand up, bracing themselves for what is to come. Keep in mind, sometimes they end up on the floor, too. Either they over/under compensate they task at hand.

Then there are those who laugh when someone falls. Or; alternatively, they try to help someone, while laughing and fall themselves.

Of course, I must be fair to note that some won’t notice another fell at all. Or, will just keep going about their own business.

Okay. The question is, rhetorically, which one am I? Which one are you? And, if you were the one hitting the floor… Who, then, would you prefer to have nearby?

(… To Be Continued… )


About angeleakae

I love Jesus, my children, and the life He has given to me. I've been blessed with a diverse family, and quirky, passionate friends. I love without restriction, and cherish every breath I'm given. Jesus is the air I breathe, and there is nothing sweeter than His Love.
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