Are you yours, or His?

When I checked the gradebook today, I saw I didn’t get all the points on an assignment. Reviewing it, I saw that I left out the descriptions. Duly noted.

Hold on, cause I’m going deep on this one…

🎶I hear what they say; that I am insufficient, incomplete, not good enough…🎶

And, I’m sure you’ve heard it, too. It’s possible you even said some of it. I forgive you, and earnestly love you. I would be a first responder for you, and God knows it’s true.

So, here’s the deal… Before I go off on a whole other topic.

If you leave your description blank, you are going to get just what you put in.


You want love? Be love.
You want mercy? Be mercy.
You want grace? Be grace.
Change? Be it.
Justice? Be it.

Then, there are some things..

Such as strength. You can’t just be strength. Insert Philippians 4:13, right? You know what else Paul said? Boast only in your weaknesses. Why? Keep reading. God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness. Ahh. That’s in 2 Corinthians. Start at the beginning of Genesis.. Keep reading on through Revelation. It’s worth it to find the reference, promise.

So, God’s perfect strength has nothing, I mean nothing, to do with what you’re capable of. God’s not looking for my victory shimmy over straight A’s. He gave me a genius IQ from the start. He knows, that I know, that He already knows. You follow me?

No, no, no… God’s not looking for a “Hallelujah!” When the phone does ring. When that call comes in. When the recognition rolls up. No. He is not interested in your demeanor when the blessings look better than you thought.

He doesn’t want you looking at the blessings at all. Remember Peter? Walking on water, looking right at JESUS. Decides to see what he looks like walking on water, sinks.
It’s not about seeing yourself walk on water, it’s trusting that JESUS is. It’s about seeing the face of God. Where was Peter when he got out the boat? Right in the middle of a crazy storm… Man, all day I could tell you about that.

Let me ask you something. What’s your most prized possession? Don’t say Jesus. Don’t you dare say JESUS. Let’s take away, your house, your vehicles, your license. Got kids? Yep, we will take those, too. How about… feet? Okay, great. Hand those over. Since I mentioned it, your hands, get rid of those. Allllright. Now. What’s your most prized posession? Are you crying? Can’t have that… It’s just stuff!! Now let’s take your freedom, your tears.. And you know what? How about your dignity? Your entire “description” eliminated. Would you still have your “identity”?

Now, let me ask you again. What is your most prized posession? Cause at the end of it all, that’s what God wants a heart lifted in spirit, and in truth.. Worshipping Him alone. Clear the stage, children. It’s not about you.


About angeleakae

I love Jesus, my children, and the life He has given to me. I've been blessed with a diverse family, and quirky, passionate friends. I love without restriction, and cherish every breath I'm given. Jesus is the air I breathe, and there is nothing sweeter than His Love.
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2 Responses to Are you yours, or His?

  1. patchingcracks says:

    Great post! This is the sort of thing that all Christians should read and remember! We need to keep our hearts and minds focused on Jesus. He is our great treasure in life. Awesome thoughts.

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