Whose Purpose Do You Serve?

There is so much goodness in The Kingdom of God. So much to taste and see, that The Lord IS good. So often, really too often, we get so frustrated by what we see.. And on the other side of that, that which we cannot see. Forgetting that this is a FAITH walk. Forgetting that everything has its purpose. That ALL things work for the good of those who love God, and are called according to His Purpose. When we walk IN that purpose, it’s all faith.. And it’s all good.

So the question is: are you walking in His Purpose, or your own? Are you telling God what you need, or are you asking God, what does The Kingdom need?

How can you contribute to The Kingdom, with all that God has done for you?

Be blessed by being a blessing. God is for you, why be against yourself?


About angeleakae

I love Jesus, my children, and the life He has given to me. I've been blessed with a diverse family, and quirky, passionate friends. I love without restriction, and cherish every breath I'm given. Jesus is the air I breathe, and there is nothing sweeter than His Love.
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