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It’s not me, it’s You.

“You have a tendency to catch everything you touch on fire, Angelea, and it’s wonderful. Still, I have to tell you, that you don’t get to choose what makes it out. Some things will be completely incenerated, as they should … Continue reading

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Love Stronger Than Death

There is something beautiful about the heartbreak of a loss. The hurt proves love was planted. The healing allows a deeper Love to be cultivated.   As a child, I once told my father, “It only takes one person to … Continue reading

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Hold On To What?

A couple years ago, I was in a focus group. It was deep stuff. I mean like reach into your soul, then a little further, a little to the left.. keep going… THERE! That’s it! Now pull it out, and … Continue reading

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Healed in a hurricane.

If you could feel the gales that have ripped through my sails, you’d see why I’m so skilled on the open sea. The weight of the buckets I was forced to bail, the number of times I’ve adjusted the mainsail. … Continue reading

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