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This month while travelling, I had a significant layover in Lexington, Kentucky. It is about 18 degrees outside, and the company (by which I mean corporation) I was travelling with was only an outdoor waiting area. When the cab dropped … Continue reading

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I Wonder…

I Wonder… Could I go through what you’ve gone through? Be where you’ve been? See the faces that betray as you call them friend? And, if you put on my shoes.. would they fit your feet? If both yours were … Continue reading

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Love Stronger Than Death

There is something beautiful about the heartbreak of a loss. The hurt proves love was planted. The healing allows a deeper Love to be cultivated.   As a child, I once told my father, “It only takes one person to … Continue reading

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Passing Through, to You.

~Lord, You’re timeless. Still, You made the time for me. To call on Jesus, the only name I’ll ever need. ~When I’m broken; Still, in Your Presence I’m made whole. I call on Jesus, the only name I need, I know! … Continue reading

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I found a picture of you the other day, and I see how tired you are. It’s so exhausting scrambling for the broken pieces, trying to make them all fit together. You have such high expectations of everypne but yourself, … Continue reading

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